Little About Me


Hello, 😊

My name is Kayla, and I live in sunny east coast of Australia.

Deeply in love with my Fiancé, whom I’ve been dating since 2010. At the innocent age of 16 and 18 it was a privilege for us to meet so young, and not only grow old together but to be able to grow up together.

One reasons why I enjoy to blog, is because it’s an online diary! To be able to publicly write my personal and private opinions on every day things, I love giving advice to others! I created this blog to store my memories and thoughts, and to be able to tell you my story… I hope you enjoy!

For any questions or inquiries please contact me at xx

img_4812 11755104_708925912570158_3011131241608007750_nPositive Vibes, Fiancé Living, Animal Lover, Coffee Addict, Always Vego, Fashion Follower & Travel Bug! ❤

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