One More Passenger…

I’m sure we’ve all heard the exciting news by now, mamas been busy baking on the road! Noo not chocolate chip cookies or a potato pie (although yum). We are expecting another little nomad BABY come April and I’m ever so thankful to be riding along this journey with my travelling family.

I have been planning the birth in my head nearly every night, overthinking and wondering where we will be when the baby’s due. We had an idea (quite a crazy idea) that I could give birth in a random town wherever we end up haha, but with my emotional first labour and us needing someone trusting to mind Clover – we’ve decided it’s best to return home with familiar surroundings.

The September School holidays are just about to start, so we began our hunt to find a hidden gem away from the busy coast. Browsing through the Wiki Camps App (which is an absolute necessity might I mention). “River Run Farm Stay” is located just west of Maryborough and we got real lucky of a prime position down by the river.

Biggenden was a last minute destination for us, we actually decided that night to make the detour. It’s a cute rural town surrounded by a few mountains, one being the massive Mount Walsh at 703m above sea level.

We hiked the 60 minute circuit up to Utopia Falls and unfortunately we didn’t get a swim in as the water was pretty stagnant. The National Park is quite dry but the walks throughout are still very beautiful.

Driving through a little town called Bucca, the town with nothing but a pub & a freshwater creek to float in. The new owners who own the 120 year old hotel were very welcoming and loved a chat – we decided to camp out the back for $10 a night, dined in at the pub for live music and delish pizza.

Sorry in advance to anyone who lives in/ loves Bundaberg, but we couldn’t wait to leave… We hung out for maybe 4 days as we had to find Mitch a suit (for the wedding), do yet another Bunnings run and book in some medical appointments for my pregnancy – which the entire process was SO stressful.

Luckily the coastline of Bundy is very darling though, Bagara was our favourite day trip. Parked the van right out the front viewing the beach, made the yummiest pancakes for breakfast and had a ripper day acting like a local.

In 2 months we’ve travelled a huge 2800km and we’re only 6 hours away from our home haha. Nearly half way up to the top though, slow and steady wins the race – with all the time in the world you can’t rush through these moments!

Much love, K

– Life of a van wife

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