4 Weeks Of Beaches And Creeks

20th of August, 2020.

We haven’t stopped being in awe at not only our current view but the fact that we’re finally here, finally living our dream – travelling full time on the road.

North Stradie – We began our first official trip over to North Stradbroke Island with a couple mates. We’re already pretty minimised in our caravan so when we go camping we take even less – but that’s the beauty of it that we love. Of course we sure missed the comfort of our own home but we could have easily stayed here on the beach for 2-3 weeks.

The local tropical vibe put a spell on us and we can’t wait to return.

  • We absolutely loved Cylinder Beach, the best shallow pools to float around in.
  • Feeding the wild dolphins at Amity Point jetty was something I’ll remember forever!
  • The Point has the cutest cafes and strip of shops. We had 4 or so pies each in total (spinach & feta triangles were too good) and lounged out on the hill overlooking the stunning sparkling ocean.
  • 4×4 around the island was an adventurous time that we loved (I even drove up and over some scary shit haha). With the directions from a friend we found Tripod Lookout which is absolutely amazing.

Spring Gully – Sarabah – Out west in the country surrounded by fresh air, rolling hills, long roads and huge trees. Waking up to the sound of the early birds and morning sun. We had the in-laws over for breakfast and said our final goodbyes. Cooked dinner on the fire every night, swam in the creek, charged up on solar, we had limited phone reception but unlimited tranquility.

Fraser Island – If we didn’t get rained out obviously our time here would have been much more enjoyable. Unfortunately we got caught up in a storm on Day 3 and left on Day 4. Both our tents leaked and both awnings broke, our foam mattress was slowly soaking up the water, all our linen and the camp chairs were wet. We really wanted to stay our entire stay but it was hard keeping Clover warm and there’s no way we would have any dry clothes by time Tuesday came around haha.

  • Eli creek is a must but avoid the weekend crowd and plan to explore during the middle of the week, at the start of the day. Oh and don’t forget your floaty!
  • Such a shame we didn’t get to hang out at Lake Mackenzie as this was the one place we wanted to explore…
  • The pub at Happy Village gave off a Balinese Vibe. I left my shoes down by the beach and was worried they weren’t going to let me in. A large timber deck, no one had shoes on and sand was everywhere.
  • Orchid Beach and Champagne Pools on the north eastern side are picture perfect. Summer days up here would be a real treat, unlike the stormy overcast weather we had haha.

We’re getting ready to go into hiding as the September school holidays are about to start. We have plans to stay well away from the busy and overcrowded coastline but will continue to travel north! We enjoy being on our own, especially out west in the country.

Much love, K

– Life of a van wife

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