The Final Prep For August

Our little home is still currently parked up, itching to get the wheels moving! In this current moment we’ve been hanging out at our friends place. We’ve been here for 6 or so weeks looking after her home and keeping her doggo company as she’s gone to Perth to be with her FIFO husband. It’s kind of worked out perfect for us as we’re basically homeless!

Whilst we’ve had a house to live in we have accumulated a bit of unnecessary items so we will most definitely need to do a clean out before we go. I’ve stoped breastfeeding and we’ve gotten Clover in an amazing routine. Mitch is working like a champion, 6 days a week and he’s smashing out the overtime.

We’ve made use of this time to add some accessories to the car and she’s looking real sexy!

  • An iDRIVE which improves the throttle control, gets rid of the pedal lag and is great for towing.
  • Fitted 4 Cooper S/T MAXX heavy duty all-terrain tyres with black rims.
  • Replaced the winch steel cable for a synthetic rope, it’s just as strong and helps with weight reduction.
  • Installed Clear View extendable towing mirrors.
  • Attached a high lift jack on the side of our roof rack. I hope we never get into a situation that we have to use it, but better to be safe than sorry!
  • Installed a DC to DC battery charger
  • And a jerry can holder over the back tire.

You could say the car has had a real spruce up, but don’t worry we didn’t forget to spoil the caravan! She’s had a good clean up and a fresh coat of white paint completed by The Caravan Guys.

Thanks to my in-laws from All About Signs they added new stickers and black stripes around the body.

We also installed an outdoor light and an aluminium box underneath for all the power cords, water/waste hose etc.

Early July we’re moving back into our caravan full time and early August we will officially begin our lap around big ol Australia. Heading south for the snow. Woohoo!

Much love,

K xx

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