The Start Of A New Era

We are a modern Australian family who by choice have ditched our conventional house to have freedom of the dirt road and embrace the outdoors.

The life of a van wife

We bought our 1978 Viscount Caravan early 2019. Funny story, she wasn’t even for sale. We were walking the block one sunny afternoon and came across this beauty of a van at the front of an elderly couple’s house. It took us roughly a week to finally get the courage to knock on their door and ask for a sneaky peak inside their caravan… Two weeks later they sold it to us!

Luckily my hubby is great on the tools, smashing out the renovations every afternoon and on the weekend. After we sold all our belongings and put our unit up for rent, we were ready to move in just before Christmas 2019.

Before and agger Viscount caravan renovations
Viscount caravan before and after renovations

Mitch and I have been together for nearly ten years and engaged for five. We have travelled through roughly 22 countries, but seeing our home country has always been a massive dream of ours.

We have a lot of ambitions we are willing to achieve on this journey. We won’t share them all but I’ll let you in one juicy secret… In October this year, wherever we are, we will be getting married. I already have my dress packed away under the bed. And like I said, wherever we are, in October, we will be getting married eeepp!!! Who knows where we will be?

The life of a van wife

Our daughter (the boss) will be in charge of navigating the daily activities. I believe whist she is still quite young, right now is the best time to be travelling with her. Raising her on the road will be giving her the best possible up bringing, teaching her all the life skills and showing her the simple way of living.

The life of a van wife

I hope during my series of blogs I can inspire, motivate, drive, influence or just give you that little bit of a push to get out and give this life style a go. Be different. Feel the weight lift off your shoulders and to breathe in that freedom.

Much love, K

– Life Of A Van Wife

2 thoughts on “The Start Of A New Era

  1. The best choice you guys made was to explore our country& right now the safest way to travel. Enjoy this lifelong experience, good on your beautiful family for getting out there ❤️❤️


  2. We have just recently purchased a 1984 viscount aero lite which we are currently planning the inside to make it our own. They are the cutest little vans. Enjoy your adventures


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