New Born Essentials

A little bit late to the party, as I have a toddler now, but I’ve been meaning to share some of my new born essentials/products that we used/still use on the daily.

I’ve always been a believer of less is more, we said from the beginning that we would never fill our space with pointless plastic baby crap. I bought a few things second hand or borrowed a few things from my muma friends.

Apart from the basic bolky items, we bought our pram, cot (which she never used) and a car seat etc brand new. I’ve put together my top new born essentials that actually come in handy and that we have loved using!

New Born Wrap Carrier

Chekoh is one of Australia’s most favourite brands. Their wraps are made from natural, stretchy and sustainable material. We used ours I’d say… honestly, every day. Great for when you still need your hands free and when bub just needs a good cuddle!

A Baby Carrier

There are so many on the market, I recommend reading the reviews before you buy or speak to another muma! We purchased the ZarperBebe Carrier – and again, a linen and natural material, made to last! For obvious reasons, these are a must. With these carriers you can forward carry and back carry your baby.

Breastfeeding Pillow

This was actually a hand me down gift from a girlfriend of mine who couldn’t breastfeed, she never used it but I sure did. Came in handy while pregnant to sleep on and to rest my laptop on. I used it breast feeding in the early days, 90% of the time. They’re the perfect fit and hug you perfectly around the stomach giving babe a comfy pillow while she feeds! We also curled up the pillow and this is where Clover had some of her day naps on the couch!

VeeBee Bouncer

I got this second hand for $20 on market place, bought it while pregnant and just washed it before we used it. Great for those hot summer days as it’s a breathable mesh material. We put Clover in the shower and in the bath while in this bouncer (obviously supervised, always). We also had her outside on the lawn with the sprinkler going in the summer heat. The only downfall I guess is that its not automatic, so it doesn’t bounce on its own. Instead we just bounced her with our feet haha.

Bassinet (attached to your bed)

This was another hand me down gift from one of my girlfriends. These things are amazing! Due to my emergency cesarean it was hard getting in and out of bed, and being able to just sit up and plomp Clover back into her bassinet after her 2AM feed, instead of having to physically get up out of bed, just wins me over every time. (And not really the best pic as she’s not even in it haha) but we did use it a lot.

Jolly Jumper

Another bargain I managed to score for $25 second hand, it even came with the outdoor stand. Having Clover in this baby sitter for a 5 minute coffee break was a life saver haha. We somehow ended up having two of these, so we had one upstairs and one down stairs at our old house.

A Comforter

Yes yes yes. Get them used to a little comforter. There’s heaps on the market that make soothing/white noises. Plus there’s nothing cuter then a sleepy baby holding onto her teddy, I just melt. We got CJ a JellyCat Bunny.

I do hope I have helped you decide some of your next (or very first) baby essentials. Tip of advice, try not to get too caught up in buying everything you see online. You really don’t need much to survive/keep your baby happy. Try to buy second hand or ask your mum friends for some hand me downs.

Remember to breathe mumas.

Much love,

K xoxo