Her Birth Story – 20.11.18


My pregnancy journey and her birth.camerarolltempimage

Two months has flown by now and I can’t even explain this kind of first born – newborn love. We wanted you, you were planned, we prayed for you, we crossed our fingers for you, from the beginning we always dreamt about having you and here we are. Here you are!

At the end of our Europe trip we knew we were ready to try for our baby and it took us 6 months to have a successful pregnancy! I knew I was pregnant even before my period was due, because I had the exact same early symptoms as my first pregnancy 3 months before!



We already knew what we were going to call her, even if she was a boy, she would always be our little lucky Clover. During my pregnancy I craved lots of fresh veggies, redskins, watermelon juice, hot chips and gravy, raisin toast and I couldn’t handle the smell of bananas so I stopped having my morning smoothies until the last trimester.

Every night myself or Mitch rubbed my belly with some coconut oil, and I felt her beautiful kicks everyday from about 18 weeks.


Her due date was the 8th of November, but she arrived fashionably late on the 20th!

I was induced on the 18th as she was 10 days overdue, it was a very long and emotional experience. We did 3 lots of gel over the period of 25 hours and it wasn’t until we did the last lot of gel was when I first started to feel my contractions. They were coming exaclty every 5 minutes but weren’t painful. I was 3cm dilated and our next step was to break my waters and then begin the Oxytocin drip.


The pain went from 0-100 real quick. We had 80s music playing, and lavender in the diffuser. I remember breathing deeply through every contraction, imagining they were waves, trying to stay positive and to not think about the pain. I had cold towels on my forehead and drank cold coconut water. The contractions were coming every 1-2 minutes lasting 20 seconds. My resting time in between was getting shorter and shorter so the midwife offered me some some gas, which then lead to the epidural.


Clover was sitting posterior the entire time and although I was dilating, she still wasn’t engaging. I managed to have a two hour sleep but could still feel the pain of the contractions on my right side due to the epidural being patchy. I cried and cried, it was really bloody painful. I couldn’t leave the bed and I couldn’t get comfortable. I was scared and tired. After 17 hours riding that emotional rollercoaster the Doctor said that my labour was failing to progress, so we agreed for an emergency c-section.

Being in theatre was scary, I was on the table for what felt like over an hour. They topped up my epidural so that I was numb from the breasts down. I was shaking, it felt like I was having a seizure. I was hot and cold, I was vomiting and I was crying. I was so scared. I was being tugged and pulled and I was closing my eyes, just wanting it to be over.

When they pulled her out and dropped the sheet, we were both silent… We couldn’t believe it, Clover cried straight away and then so did we. She was so worth it.


She is bloody beautiful, lots of rolls and lots of hair. Her eye brows are perfect and lips so plump. Weighing in at 4.8kg, she’s just so perfect in every way possible. It’s now been over 9 weeks and we just absolutely adore the crap out of her, everyone does! She’s half of me and half of him (but more him) haha.


Much love, K x

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