A Rewarding Fortnight

Soo I heard about this amazing organisation through a really good friend of mine. If you haven’t already heard of it, it’s called Work Away! To become a member for the year is $45 but if you register as a “couple” it’s $56! It’s so easy to join up, just fill out all the important details online, upload a few photos and write a little bit about yourself! If you love to travel, and want to “live” like a local while saving money, then I totally recommend joining up!

All around the world hosts are allowing you to stay with them while you give them a helping hand! Usually working for 5 hours a day – 5 days on, 2 days off for a minimum of 2 weeks. With the contract, food and accomodation are included. Not one host is the same, there’s different variety of work such as home renovations, farming/gardening, childcare, animal care, hostel administration/cleaning etc.

This picture was taken on our very first day, and it’s what I got to do everyday.

We arrived to a family owned animal rescue farm in Croatia! The owners have been rescuing for about 5 or so years now, saving the old and raising the young, 300 to be exact! They’re using their retirement money to keep these babies alive and give them a better life. While we were on the farm there were 39 dogs and 13 cats.

We fed the animals twice a day, picked veggies, fixed the animal pen, made natural perfume, made honey, painted their lounge room, repaired vintage furniture, cooked new recipes and learnt a ton of information about agriculture!

Everyday we worked over time, and it made us feel great, we loved being here! It was really rewarding knowing that we were working towards the neglected animals, showering them with so much love. Every animal, big or small needs, wants and deserves love… Treat them right. #lovethemdonteatthem

Soon we will be arriving to our next Work Away at the very top of Scotland for two weeks! On our days off we plan to borrow the owners tents, hike, get lost and sleep on some amazing mountains. Cannot wait!

It’s been 18 weeks since we left home, currently don’t have any indication as to when we’ll return but we’re excited. We’ve got some big projects coming and we can’t wait, sorry to burst ya bubbles but no it’s not baby making, well not yet anyway haha…

Much love, K xx

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