Spains Best Beaches

Ola my friends! So Spain hey, this beautiful country really made me appreciate the little things and to love nature a lot more than I already do! My sisters soon to be husband (yay sooo excited for their wedding by the way) is from Spain, so it was a privilege being able to take a walk through his childhood.

I would have to say this was probably one of the most difficult countries so far where we have had trouble with the language barrier, especially when trying to order food. From a lady who doesn’t eat meat, thank you but no thank you for the anchovies and dogfish haha.

The north and south coastline is where we spent most of our time while road tripping through Spain, so I thought I’d share with you guys our 5 most loved beaches that aren’t crowed with tourists. Because of my fear of the “unknown” id always choose the pool over the ocean waters any day of the week but it was easy to forget about that fear once we arrived. These locations are where we camped and spent plenty of days doing a whole lot of nothing.

San SabastianIMG_1803

Playa De GulpiyuriIMG_2571


Cartagena, MurciaIMG_4024

Laga Beach, Basque CountryIMG_2159

Much love, K xx

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