Ohh Cesky Krumlov 

The very first drive in our babe of a van – Basel! We had done our first grocery shop, brought everything that was a necessity to keep ourselves alive for the next however many months…

The first destination on the agenda – Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic. To spend the day, or night, or maybe two depending on how much we loved it. Not hearing much, but only good things about this cute wonderous city.

After some rain, the sunshine, winding roads and many rolling hills, we had finally arrived! Located behind the castle, we found the best spot to free camp (or so they say over here, wild camp). An open grass paddock with daisys as far as you could see, it was literally picture perfect!img_9521


People were going nuts over these large cylinder donut looking things, everyone had one. So we followed the crowd and did exactly that! They tasted exactly like a donut but really crunchy and kinda plain to be honest. You can get them with cream, chocolate or heaps of other toppings too which is maybe why mine did taste a little bland…



Afterwards we climbed up into the bell tower at the top of the castle, which gave some jaw dropping views over the entire town, and watched the foot traffic go by. This was only a few euros each and was so worth it!




We ate at that cute little resturant in the picture above, on the left hand side, along the river. Once for dinner and then went back in the morning for breakfast, to use their wifi and for some more yummy hot chocolates haha.


After exploring this amazing city we soon discovered there wasn’t a whole lot of things to do, other than admire the old town. Sitting in a cafe and people watching (which is my favourite thing to do), shopping is very unique, heaps of quirky and cute items, or to even just listen to the sounds of the buskers play, echoing through the little side streets.



Overall Cesky was very calming and very relaxing. We ended up staying two nights and then continued on… It was a perfect way to start our road trip!

Much love, K Xx

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