Weekend in the dam

Originally only planning to stay in the city for 2 days, but we fell madly in love…

5 days later and it was the hardest good bye! We really didnt want to leave which is why we made future plans to come back before we run out of money, hopefully in early September. 

When we first arrived, we were walking down the streets with smiles on our faces thinking “this is it, this is exactly what we were expecting” So quickly we picked up all the do’s on how to be a perfect resident in Amsterdam itself, living like a regular Dutch! 

We hired the cutest bikes from one of the neighbours that we parked our van next too. In a free day and night carpark just on the other side of the city. 

Amsterdam has the most chilled vibes ever, everyone is so kind and very nice! Many times I walked into restaurants off the street and didn’t have to pay to use their bathroom (if you’ve travelled Europe before you’ll understand how annoying this is) 

I loved sitting back watching the “every day people” riding their bikes along the canals, just cruising along, wearing fashionable clothing, high heels and designer bags. Maybe this is a regular thing in Europe? I’m not sure but cars in this city pretty much don’t exist. 

On our third day, we were relaxing in the park, reading our Jack Reacher books and having a picnic – wine, crackers and olives. Watching the different groups of people walk past, cute families playing soccer and sooo many puppy dogs coming up to us for scratches! Next minute, we found ourselves dancing salsa and bopping to the dope sounds of bongos and regaee music! Every Sunday, only in Summer there are music festivals in Vondel Park, some are free and some you have to pay! And some good luck came our way as we scored with the first one of the season being for free! 😍💃🏼

What I loved most was that we didn’t see any homeless or any beggers. Didn’t even see anybody busking either, although what we did see was men, and woman performing on the streets, not because they wanted money, they didn’t have a hat or a bag out in front of them. Just for the joys of playing music, and it was more beautiful than ever!

One of the things that saved us in this city though is maps.me, the amount of times we used this app was crazy! Because the most difficult thing about our time here in Amsterdam was trying to find our bikes, and I mean that in a way only due to there being so many bikes. (We are no raging alcoholics haha).

Another fun fact; No sirens, only a few ambulances but never no police! This may have just been me being in the right spot at the right time, but not a single one, which is quite strange for a busy city. I really would like to research about the crime here in the Netherlands, I actually do think it would be quite low. The government here seems to just know how to do things right!!! 

Go for a stroll down the red light district, smoke some legal weed, hire bikes, and get crazy lost, do all the touristy strange stuff. It’s a one of a kind city and there really is no place quite like it! 

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