Best of Bavaria 

The best of the best – Bavaria.img_8510-1

Andddd after two long flights, which seriously felt like forever being stuck in those tiny economy seats next to the sick and smelly tourists haha, our final stop was in the beautiful Munich, Germany! 🤗

We had been staying with Mitch’s german family who live in the cutest village just out of the rainbow streets of Landshut, and it’s exactly like the photos you’ve seen or googled!img_8715-1

Landshut I personally don’t believe isnt famous enough! It’s a city, but it’s little which gives bonus points… It’s picture perfect and full of the nicest people. If we were ever lost there was always help nearby, even the shop owners walked out and pointed us in the right direction.

Every 4 years the locals from this city recreate the wedding from 1475 of the Prince & Princess whom were living in Trasnitz Castle! They go over the top with extreme costumes tailed true to the original, horse carriages and bavarian music… Knights grow they’re hair months before the anniversary so that they can be apart of the tournaments! Jugglers and fire breathers. Even the media dress up!!! But sadly we arrived a couple months too early.img_8708img_9138-1

At first we both had no idea what we were in for when Mitch’s Cousin told us she had booked a table at the Dultplatz, (it’s like October Fest but better, or so the locals say haha it’s smaller with less tourists).

The festival lasts I think 3 weeks starting from the end of April. All things Bavarian – the meat, the beers, the pretzels and traditional outfits! Music and dancing on the tables, and morrrre and morrrre beers!img_8717img_8724

Next up, the 3 C’s…

Castles, church’s and cathedrals are a MUST SEE when you’re in the southern part of Germany. I’m not catholic or apart of any religion but there’s just something about these spectacular churches which is why I couldn’t stop visiting. Some still remain untouched while others have had a bit of makeover. All the little details from the picture frames to the paintings on the high ceilings. These guys must have had a lot of spare time, or a lot of slaves…

Every village/town/city has at least one or if not, plenty of them. Make sure you take a walk inside! Most are free entry or a small donation of a couples euros. You’ll be blown away with the attention to detail… Heres a few snaps of our most loved!img_9130-1img_9087img_9030img_9035img_8826img_9082

And I almost forgot, the traditional Bavarian food… Don’t order it if you’re not HUNGRY! They love to eat, it’s cheap, it’s tasty, oily and chessey! To many times I’ve made the mistake by being tempted to indulge in the cheesy vegaterian food and left feeling so sick. I haven’t had dairy in my diet for quite a while now and my poor little tummy just couldn’t take it.

Didn’t take any snaps of the yummy food as like I said previously, you can only eat it if you’re hungry, and if you’re hungry and get HANGRY like me – its just not possible to do so haha.

Only this one of us, enjoying our traditional bavarian feast with our beautiful german fambam!img_5140

Overall we spent about 10 days in the bavarian state, learning how to be and speak like a german haha. I really do think this will be one of our favourite countries compared to the many others over the next few months!

See you again in hopefully August Germany! Please keep those beers cold for me, and the castles crystal clean.

Much love, K Xx

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