The New Chapter

“We moved out of our apartment, sold all our furniture, quit our jobs and were finally here! Tasting all the beers, visiting all the castles, driving on the wrong side of the road but everything just feels oh so right”.img_9909I must admit that while we were on the airplane we were feeling kinda sick. So sick and kinda scared and didn’t know what to expect. I can’t really describe the feeling but it wasn’t a good one, it’s almost a mix of being excited and nervous… Maybe it was because we had only booked a one way ticket and didn’t really have any indication of when we would return back home. I’m not to sure… but obviously that bad feeling didn’t get the better of us, we just completely ignored it.img_9375So far this has been the best trip of our lives, and as soon as we arrived that bad feeling went away. It’s just like home. It feels like home here but 10x better and 10x more exciting. Not a care in the world. Our van could break down, we could run out of money, tomorrow we could be mugged down in an alleyway and be robbed but nothing at all is worrying us.

Mitch gets a little stressed about not being able to find a destination, or if we’ve taken the wrong turn, or can’t find a campsite, or when were parked in a sketchy street and can hear random people out and about late at night. I’d always just be pouched up in the passenger seat, or cuddling up to him telling him that it’s just the birds, just tryna keep him calm and collected.img_0071The little things that have happened so far I personally look at it, as if it was bound to happen. And that’s the best possible way to get over anything that doesn’t go to plan.

We’re on holidays! Nothing bad is going to happen! And who cares seriously, if your lost and can’t find the place you’re trying to get to, its meant to be and obviously that “place” you were heading for, just wasn’t meant to be either. img_9218 Internet isn’t an every day thing here for us, were struggling but surviving haha. Only reachable when were eating in a restaurant or if the camp site is nice enough. Every chance possible though I’m writing here on the Word Press App trying to keep you all updated!

So heres to a new blog post yay, first one in Europe and many more to come!

Much love, K Xx

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