Pack Your Bags, Its Perth Time

img_7161Okay first things first I want to talk about remaining and staying positive, and how that positivity will always bring you happiness. The law of attraction is real, and what you believe you will receive. By being positive and by being grateful you will only receive the good things in life. We are designed to live a happy and stress free life and it’s all about being able to control your thoughts! I’ve been reading the series of – The Secret and once you’ve read a couple pages you’ll understand why I cannot put it down.

This trip to Western Australia was kindly given to us, through what I believe is all due to the law of attraction, the greatest power of all… I want to again thank our beautiful family friends, Karen & Gerry. The most selfless people ever, they deserve medals! These two surprised us, so that we could surprise Natalie on her 50th Birthday! Natalie (Mitch’s mum) and her best friends booked a holiday house in Margret River to celebrate, party and make awesome memories together… Luckily and thankfully we were apart of those mems!img_6865img_6880Because we only stayed for 4 days, we didn’t get to explore what we had on our bucket lists due to limited time, and plus the obvious – we wanted to spend as much time with the family. But the places that we did see were absolutely breath taking and b..e..a..uuutiful, which is why this post will be short but still amazing (haha) with my top five recommended must sees, yay lets do it!

1. Hamelin Bay: Upon arrival you will first see an abandoned 130 year old jetty, the purest and softest sand, aqua water, and black shadows moving along in the sea… But don’t be afraid, yes the stingrays are wild but they’re very friendly! Early morning or late in the afternoon are the best times to see them, as thats when the fishing boats come into shore and feed them the scraps.img_6925img_6937img_69352. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse: Not only is Leeuwin Lighthouse the tallest light house in Australia, but the drive down is also just as fantastic… If you’re a nature lover like me, then it’s a much needed experience for you too. You may even spot some whales or find where the Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean kiss!img_7156img_7300img_73013. Lawrence Winery: If you didn’t already know, Perth is well known for it’s locally brewed beer and delicious wine. With over 150 wineries and 10 breweries, how good – ahh this state bloody deserves an award! Myself being a new lover of red wine and all things spring and lush, I can easily give this winery an 11/10. img_0664img_7065img_7051I did take a photo of the beautiful bottles lined up with our wine tasting glasses but I accidentally deleted it whoops, but found this image on their website!img_74924. Lake Cave: The well thought of name says it all, Lake Cave… A lake inside of a cave aha! Home to the spectacular 5-tonne ‘Suspended Table’ hovering just above the lake. Getting down to the cave is only a casual 350 steps down, very casual you may think until you have to climb them to get back up haha. img_7181img_6986img_7001-15. Kings Park: Only 10 minutes from the CBD, visiting Kings Park is a must! Did you know that the park is bigger than New Yorks Central Park with over 5 million visitors each year! Remembrance is an important theme throughout, so just remember that when arriving… Driving in you will notice the streets are tree lined with individual plaques dedicated to the men and woman who died in World War I & World War II. State-War-Memorial-Western-Australia2-670-670x439-2Image above via: know I say it every time when I leave somewhere new, but I will be back haha! Hopefully we can stay for a few weeks and road trip around the entire state. Bye for now, I think the next time you’ll hear from me is when I’ll be in Germany YAY!

Much love, K x

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