Hastings and it’s Magical Teepee 

img_6823Rarely these days Mitch and I ever get days off together and when we do they’re always jammed packed with errands and catching up with friends/family… Sooo we decided to plan a little overnight getaway last weekend, just the two of us, doing what we love most… to road trip!

Online a while ago I found a family owned organic market situated in the Currumbin Valley – Freemans Organic Farm Market. Super cute and the staff are very friendly. We ordered organic soy coffees and oh man they were by far the best we’ve ever had, and check out those cups! One day if I ever become a full time coffee addict, i’ll start to collect these for my home!img_6824img_6774img_6804Back in the day Mitch use to surf at Hastings Point – NSW, (this was before he got scared of the ocean lol) He’d always tell me about how beautiful this place was, and ever since I’ve always wanted to check it out… First impression; LOVE!!!We were expecting it to be very busy, so arriving at 2.30pm was pretty much the best decision to have made as it was the weekend and 30+ degrees… Could you imagine how crazy it would have been arriving any earlier? Parked the car in our over night spot at the top of the hill, then walked down to the beach with our goodies to last us for the afternoon.

After many ocean swims, jamming out to the Chilli Peppers, cold beers and chips with dip, book reads and overall just excitement running through our veins, it was pretty amazing to end the afternoon with finding the cutest teepee that we’ve now claimed to be ours.

No idea who made it, but whoever you are, well done, and thank you for making some awesome memories!img_6836img_6778img_6826img_6803img_6779Dont even ask what we were doing in this next picture, we were trying to kill time while waiting for a cotton candy sunset which didn’t even happen… (rude). So I guess you could call it a “Sunset Mandala” but brings you the opposite to whatever your wishing for?

Haha or maybe it was actually a “Sunrise Mandala”, which to be honest it probably was considering the sky lit up and danced for us on Sunday Morning!img_6848img_6783I just want to say thank you to everyone for all of your positive comments in regards to my blogs, it really means a lot and the support you give helps! It actually makes me so happy to do what I love and I love that you love it too!

PS: I cannot wait until Mitch and I are road tripping around the other side of the world in our camper van, it’s going to be so different and there are no words to describe my excitment.

& to my number 1 fan, I love you biggest ❤img_6825

Much love, K

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