2017 in Swan Gully

A little hung over after last nights new years eve celebrations, driving for 1.5 hours which seemed like 100, having nothing to eat (because we both couldn’t hold it down aha) and 30+ degrees with no aircon… Yep, it wasn’t the funnest time thats for sure!

But once we arrived to the top, oh… it was something else.img_5297img_5256img_5298img_5299The views over the hinterland were sooo worth the constant panic attacks of 4×4 driving up that bloody rocky, dangerous and scary mountain. As scary as it is, I must admit that 4×4 driving is (sometimes) fun.

We only camped for two nights but it easily felt like two weeks!img_0397img_0399img_5243 We tied together two long ropes, throwing them up over a tree on our camp site, then tying it to the car to make the perfect rope swing! Being pushed while sipping on some champagne, the smell of a yummy veggie curry simmering while watching the beautiful sunset.

This was one of most relaxing things I had done in a very long time, well second best that is (because the view from our bedroom was byyy farrrr the first!)img_5217img_5301 Day 2 was filled with 4×4 drives through the valley, finding trees to rope swing from, freezing cold showers, eating lots of food and staring at my sweaty man.img_5273img_5271An early wake up call, quickly packing up and hurrying down the mountain so that I wouldn’t be late for work… Haha jokes it was nothing like hurrying at all.

Imagine being at the highest point of a mountain with a thunder storm and heavy rain above you. And then silly me (well us) having to drive down the mountain the next morning… after it had just poured down with rain for over 12 hours. Everything turned to clay, we couldn’t even walk  without our feet getting stuck.

This was BY FAR THE MOST FRIGHTNEING THING we have ever put ourselves though. Literally a life/death situation! Almost rolling the car, having to slam on the brakes and to quickly reverse after the many times we got bogged (might I add, this doesn’t go to well in mud), sliding down the mountain, stopping at every corner to suss out the next turn, constantly regretting the decision to drive down and begging Mitch to just stop where we were…

Ahh even right now while I’m re-typing this scenario, it still makes me anxious. It still brings on the chills which will never be forgotten… Confession: I’ve been growing my finger nails for the past month, and they’ve just been attacked.img_5282

Unforgettable memories, the good and the bad.

Much love, K x


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