6 Year Anniversary – Clunes

Okay now I know that every year I say it. That every anniversary celebrated will be one to remember, and then comes along the following year, which always tops it off… But to be honest, and I mean it when I say it, this year will forever stay in our hearts! And no matter what the future holds, this will always be number one!img_2661 We came across this traditional yet quirky, cosy and very detailed accommodation. A unique styled Yurt, now that’s something you’ll only ever see in a movie. The craftsmanship and location is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen!

Situated on its own private deck with peaceful surroundings, a well equipped kitchen and a mini bar with treats, a skylight right above the bed and spectacular 180 degree views over the Byron Bay Hinterland!

We were soo excited to stay in a Yurt, and have now decided that we would like to live in one. This magical weekend was unreal and I would do it all over again in a heart beat!img_4965img_2929img_4969Only a couple minutes down the road from our accommodation is Clunes Store & Cellars, and what a cute little corner shop it was! After demolishing fresh vegan bakery pies for breakfast, it was time to stock up on some wine and beer for our dinner date tonight.

We began driving to Minyon Falls, which is about 25 minutes in-land. Although we got lost once or twice after losing reception on both phones, a couple of swear words were regretfully said and snapping at each other over my bad directions… We had finally arrived and then instantly, everything was just all okay..

We cracked open a beer each (well two for me) and opened up a bag of popcorn, munching away with our feet hanging over the 100m drop. A 3-4 hour return walk will bring you down towards the base of the waterfall. We did think about doing this but unfortunately time was limited and not going to lie, I was already tipsy at this point haha. img_2956img_4986img_2916img_2917img_5011img_2949While driving back to our much loved accommodation, we decided the first thing we would do would be to pop over to the spa and pool! Lounging back in the shaded spa, beers and vegemite sandwiches did the goods while taking in this amazing view! Ahh you will forever be in heaven when you see the photos below, the afternoon was a blast!  img_2914img_2912img_2913img_2915img_2958Now for my favourite part, the sunset dinner!

While Mitch picked up the pizza from Bungalow Pizza which is only a 15 minute drive, I literally threw myself together. Hair and makeup done, dress on, tripod set up, dinner table looking all fancy and candles lit! You can pretty much call me super woman.

No words to describe this evening, the views from our private balcony were breathtaking! We stayed out till the sun was completely gone and about midway through dinner we were blessed with the most richest cotton candy clouds…img_2959img_2943img_2939img_2944img_2941After such a peaceful dinner we decided to end our night with a relaxing fire. Clearing the table we went inside to put some warm comfy clothes on. Just below the balcony is where you will find your own little fire pit and we couldn’t wait to get it started! Threw a couple blankets down on the grass and enjoyed every bit of silence, just with me and my babe.

If you are interested in where we stayed with Air Bnb, click here for the link. I promise you that it’s worth a visit even if you do only stay one night… Seriously, you’ve gatta do it!

Much love, K xx


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