Our Home On Olsen

Welcome to our humble abode!

It’s now been just over a month since we handed both set of keys over to the Real Estate (which is why this post is just a tad late… we can blame good ol’ Telstra for that seeing as they decided to stuff us around with the bloody internet transfer)

Living in our much loved apartment for exactly 1 year and 6 months. Always obsessing over all things neutral, wooden, eco, knits, faux fur, plants, plants and more plants. I feel as though our home gave off a modern bohemian cottage/industrial vibe. Every guest that entered fell in-love and if it were big enough to hold our family and friends we would of happily gotten married here!

Nothing but hard work and effort went into our dreamy pad. The countless memories, the famous back yard shenanigans and bonfires, renos, the crazy next door neighbour, roommates and lets not forget our annoying yet beautiful adopted stray kitty.

img_1117img_1263img_4574img_1376img_1375img_1119img_1534Sadly discovering that OCD is taking over my life, and theres no turning back. I remember almost every night I couldn’t relax unless the house was tidy and if I’m ever bored, you’d always find me cleaning something… But I guess that isn’t a bad thing right? Haha.

Only recently re-watching our audition we created for The Block! A 5 minute video talking about ourselves and which might I add, is SO awkward. Sorry to say but if you don’t get nervous talking into a camera well then you’ve been naturally gifted because it’s not normal haha. The entire time we were arguing and blaming each other because we couldn’t think on the spot about what to say… Hope you enjoy haha!

Below are some snaps from the beginning to the end, and for our video click here!

IMG_4603img_2537img_2536img_714213726859_899588693503878_1004164761129501167_nimg_0880img_2212 “The best part about having your own home is who you get to share it with.”

Much love, K xx

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