Finding Rocky Creek Dam

imageWe recently purchased a sissy seat for Mitch’s Harley, as it would make our long drives just that little bit comfier for myself! Had no plans for our weekend and since it was such perfect weather, it was definitely perfect timing to take the bike out for a spin!

Googling sites to visit down south, we aimed to drive to Night Cap National Park for a picnic and to shoot some waterfalls! 1.5 hrs there, ahh there are no words to describe the pain my butt was going through. We stopped a few times every now and then, doing squats and running on the spot alongside the road to get the blood circulating haha…IMG_0662Being the navigator with my phone in one hand, and holding on with the other! Taking a much faster route, this took us through Australia’s biggest little town – Mullumbimby! I’ve only ever heard of the name as it’s where Iggy Azalea grew up. I wonder if she’s ever returned to this surfy country old school town, or maybe not as she’s to fancy hehe 😉

The route we were following was about to take us to a dead end, and as I yelled out to Mitch to pull over we arrived to – Rocky Creek Dam. Not knowing where we were, confused as anything as this place was very full! Our first impressions weren’t too good, there were drunken teenagers dancing on cars, loud music blaring and rubbish everywhere! Usually leaving our helmets on the bike whenever we park it, but this time we took them with us haha.

Again, not knowing where we were, we started walking down hill obviously expecting the worst and woah, AH-MAZ-ING!  What first our court eyes was the lake. So blue and sparkly with lilly-pads along the shore line. The closer we got to the lake, the less people were around. We managed to find a spot under a tree with some shade, threw our blanket on the ground and took our shoes off! Luscious green grass, rolling hills and blue skyes, perfect afternoon sun with just the lightest amount of wind. This moment was seriously so perfect and relaxing that we actually fell asleep!imageimageimageimageimageimageimageThe camera died half way through our adventure and so did both our phones! Meaning we didn’t get enough time to explore the rest of this majestic space, as it was getting dark and we had to guess the directions on our way back! (And might I add, thank god we paid attention as it’s easy to get lost).

Behind the lake is a platypus viewing platform, an elevated boardwalk and pontoon bridge. The next time we come visit we will certainly be managing our time a lot better! If you’re ever in need of a relaxing spot to chill by then here’s the spot to do so! And like I said, the further we got to the lake the less people were around.

Much love, K X

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