Tasmania In Two Weeks


And our response every single time: Ahhhhh, there’s so so sooo many places to travel to in the world, and I know it’s very uncommon to hear Tasmania EVER being on anyones bucket lists… But WOW! If you want to meet beautiful people, see and do all beautiful things, love seeing national parks with ancient rainforests and untouched landscapes, then you must add Tasmania to your bucket list. I cannot bring this state to your attention anymore other than you must come here and just see it for yourself!IMG_3871

Every time I turned my head, every bend and corner, every little town and every little lookout made me feel like I was on the inside of a painting. We did everything that we wanted to see and do except for a helicopter ride over the Tasman Peninsular which if you’re ever in the area, and score a pristine day then doing exactly this should be prioritised.

We flew into Hobart Airport and picked up our van from Apollo. Starting our journey heading towards the lowest point of the East Coast. Our first stop is at Sorello to stock up on some goodies for our 1.5hr drive.


Arriving at one of Australia’s most significant heritage areas – Port Arthur. We were lucky enough to be given half price tickets due to it being so late in the afternoon. We got 2 hours to explore this magnificent and mind-blowing site before they had to get ready for the nightly ghost tour.. The locals did try to convince us, but ahh no thank you!


Waking up to the sound of the waves crashing against the sand and the early birds chirping. Scoffing down and enjoying our crunchy nut while the morning sun hit our back windows. A walk along the beach and a quick tire swing did the goods as we were off to hike the famous – Ship Stern Bluff.

Now the route did say a 60 minute return walk but this took us close to two hours as we stopped at pretty much every corner for a photo haha! Walking through the most lusious rain forrest, so airy and crisp but yet so peaceful and beautiful.


It took us close to 5 days exploring the East Coast, doing all things such as waterfalls, caves and arches, historic bridges and feeding the wildlife, rainbows, climbing mountains, hikes and blowholes. Stopping in at any turn off that said berry farms or lookouts. Pulling our van up anywhere we liked, sleeping along the beach side and cooking dinner. Going many days without a shower and wearing the same socks for three days straight aha!


Now this next adventure of ours is some kind of messed up wolf creek situation. We tried making a detour of our own, thinking that this route would save us plenty of time. Aiming to arrive just south from Launceston, so that we could attend our first winery tour and travel through the Swiss Village. All we had were our phones for a GPS and a map of towns/citys with terrible road directions. Risking it for the biscuit as we were already low on fuel. The road that we took which we didn’t know at the time, was strictly for 4wd cars only, our phones then lost reception and Mitch was on the urge of getting out to deflate the tires so that they wouldn’t pop.

We continued to drive up the mountain, and came across an old school blue hatchback parked to the side, a man sitting in the front seat with his dog on his lap. We stopped and yelled from our van asking for directions. Instantly getting negative vibes from this guy, he told us the road we were on didn’t exist on our map and we were heading in the wrong direction, telling us to turn back around. We really weren’t sure what to believe!

Meanwhile Mitch is freaking out, worried as hell and immediately thinking we were going to die. I myself just remained calm, trying not to think of the worst because then the worst would happen. We had no other choice than to take this creepy mans advice and to turn back around. Eventually we made it and till this day I believe my positive thinking saved us! Lesson learnt – Never make your own detour a in town you’ve never been to before haha.

But can someone please tell me why this creepy man was sitting in his car, in the middle of nowhere doing absolutely nothing? Ugh.



Nearby is the second largest city in Tasmania, Launceston and without knowing we came across an area of picture perfect wilderness. Along the banks of the Tamar River is the Cataract Gorge, famously known for its panorama walking tracks, a free swimming pool, suspension bridges, peacocks in the trees and the worlds longest single span chairlift.


Beers and carrot sticks with hummus on the go, looking out to the sandy coastline just to our left! Waves crashing, crisp clean air, feeling so peaceful continuing our journey on the highway with the other travellers. Were all cruising along at our own pace, not in a rush or a single worry in the world! Driving through Tasmania’s North West delivers rich history, pretty towns with plenty of rivers and waterfalls, mountains, mazes and rocky landscapes.

IMG_3123IMG_3070IMG_2643imageIMG_3000IMG_2812IMG_2580IMG_2589IMG_3028Queenstown was once the world’s richest mining town, therefore giving the flowing rivers that rusty tinge.IMG_3347IMG_2893IMG_3367image

With only 5 days left of our road trip, we are now down on the far south of Tasmania exploring Southport, before doing so we stopped in for with a quick visit at Hastings Cave, discovered in 1917 but over millions and millions years old! After that we then caught the ferry over to beautiful Bruny Island.


And last but not least, the beautiful cultural and heritage Hobart! Offering a blend of gourmet experiences, waterways, mountains and the famous Saturday Markets. We stayed in a paid caravan park just a few minutes out of the city, and on which the rare occasion when we did, we spoilt ourselves with baked beans on toast every morning instead of cereal!

The first night was the only night of our entire trip where we let lose and ordered drinks after drinks! Which then took us on a mini pub crawl throughout the city, drinking and ordering tapas in some of the coolest bars I’ve ever been too!

Our last day before saying good bye to beautiful Tasmania consisted of visiting the famous MONA Museum and Mt Wellington, and oh my.

MONA – Okay so I must admit, its good but its not good. I recommend going, but then I also don’t. I don’t know, you’ll just have to see the below photos and decide for yourself. Pretty much all, and if not most of the exhibits are confronting but are still very interesting. If you’re willing to walk into a room which is machine built on how the human body digests food, and by all means its easy to walk into, but the smell on the other hand, ughh! An entire level of painted penises and poo, a 3D image of a real life mummy, walls of vaginas and a man who sold his skin to scientists which when he dies he will be skinned…

MT WELLINGTON – Now this is much better than you’re average mountain. With panoramic views all over Hobart City, Bruny Island and the east coast with the highest point reaching 1270km above sea level. Mitch and I chose a rock and literally sat for who knows how long and  didn’t say a word. It really was picture perfect and we were once again on the inside of another painting.


This entire trip so far has been nothing but pure bless, everything has gone to plan (except for that stupid wolf creek situation). Whenever we arrived somewhere late we were always early, any last minute choices always flowed perfectly and played out leading us to somewhere unexpected but still worth it. The locals were so lovely, helpful and beautiful.  We will be back one day Tasmania!

Much love, K x



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