Last Minute Roadie – Bexhill

Bit of a cloudy day here on the Gold Coast with not much to do, so Mitch and I decided to go on a last minute roadie!

We’ve heard a few close friends talk about a majestic crystal clear swimming hole that they’ve swum at, in a tiny town – Bexhill (only a ten minute drive past Lismore). Legit everyone raves about it! We just had to check out this cute town and see it for ourselves…img_0906

Took us close to one and a half hours, but we finally arrived to our destination. First stop we visited was at the locals favourite – Open Air Cathedral. Walking down the brick lane instantly brings a warm sense of connection with nature. It’s sooo beautiful and is kept well maintained. Would definitely be the perfect place to hold an outdoor wedding or just a quite place to sit in stillness and simplicity.

img_0904img_0882img_0884img_0891Just at the bottom of this valley you will find the Instagram famous -Bexhill Quarry. The entrance is a little hidden away, but just look for an old rusty gate with dirt track heading uphill.

Some say not to swim, others say do it. Swimming is obviously at your own risk, although it’s hard to resit the temptation of the cool blue looking water on a hot day like we had. There are signs all along the fence warning you not to swim as the water is quite acidic, but it has apparently improved over the years as runoff from rain has diluted some of the heavy metals.img_0910img_0979img_0926img_0972img_1951img_0965img_0969img_0991img_1050As you saw in the pictures above it didn’t stop us… We had the Quarry all to ourselves for close to thirty minutes, then about five other groups decided to come along and interrupt our peaceful time.

We swum but not for to long, the water was so refreshing and exactly like the rumours we heard! We were extra careful just incase and didn’t put our heads under the water, or open our eyes. Plus I had just washed my hair and was totally not committed for that haha.

Ending the last minute roadie with a detour through Byron Bay. About to get onto the highway heading for home we noticed a farm to our right hand side, with at least forty cars parked at the front and people walking about. We pulled in quickly to check it out! From the moment we parked our car, we fell in love. The amount of hard work, effort and thought the owners of “The Farm” have put into their much loved business is amazing!

Farm animals, organic produce, a sunflower field, a wooden playground for the little ones, a yummy restaurant and bar, the cutest florist and a field of macadamia and pecan trees, plus so so much more! We didn’t take enough photos of this place, but below are a few snaps… You’ll just have to check it out for yourself!img_1080



img_1130Much love, K


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