The Festive Month

Can you believe it is already the end of the year? The month of festivities has arrived, and all things food, family and friends, love and happiness, the jolly fat man in red, giving and receiving, gingerbread, holidays and sleep-ins are what gets me feeling festive…image8Why I love Christmas:

CAROLS: As much as we hate them, we all love them. There is no other music in the world that gets you bouncing and instantly in the mood for some christmas fun festive activities, especially while you’re decorating the tree!

LIGHTS: How can you not love fairy lights and pretty decorations? New lights and fresh decorations mixed with old ones gives the feeling of warmth and happiness. When these are up, this is enough to brighten even the most gloomiest of moods.

MOVIES: Another thing that I love about this season are the christmas movies. Some give the “real meaning of Christmas” and then there are the funny ones that we’ve all watched over and over… Grinch, Home Alone and Love Actually.

GIFTS: Shopping for friends and family in this season, is extremely exciting. What is even more exhilarating is trying to keep it a secret from them, which to me – I’m all for early christmas presents as I can’t handle the thrilling anticipation/unknown haha…

FAMILY: The only time when all your favourite and not so favourite family members (haha totally kidding) are in the one house, with no excuses of no shows or early marks! Enjoying all the traditional dishes and sweets, it’s the one time of year when we can eat whatever we love.

But mostly, I love the feel. Everything just feels so positive, happy and cosy and I love being cosy. Give me some dim lights, a good film, a hot drink, the lover and our kitty and I’m one happy lady!

Merry Christmas Lovers ❤


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