Anniversary Getaway – Kingscliff

IMG_9981Oh boy, it feels like only yesterday Mitch was picking me up from high school in his little green Datsun, to go on our very first date – sushi and a stroll along the Broadwater. This day was also the first time I met his amazing parents! I cannot believe that he’s been in my life for now over five years. Half a decade? Like what the, where has the time gone? Ahh I really have been struck with the lucky stick, this man is everything I’ve ever wished and dreamt for.

We left the planning till the last minute which was a big mistake, the places we had in mind to stay at were all fully booked out. We were hoping for a cute little cottage in the rainforest/mountains, with a large spa bath and a fire place. Basically anything that screamed romance. Every year we’ve celebrated at the Tambourine Mountains so I guess it was a shame that we couldn’t continue the yearly tradition.

We’ve had the most relaxing and peaceful weekend celebrating but also remembering all the good times we’ve shared.

We ended up staying at Peppers Resort in Kingscliff, which is about a 45 minute drive from our home. One of the main reasons why this resort caught our eyes was due to the amazing lagoon styled pool! Trust me, you’ll also fall in-love when you see the photos below. Only a few minutes walk to the beach and theres plenty of shops, cafes and bars just opposite. Oh and a breakfast buffet was included in our stay too – WINNING!

FRIDAY 09/10/15IMG_9645

Arriving in the afternoon, after checking-in we went exploring around the resort and nearby surroundings. We grabbed our beach towels, picked up a six pack of beer and stayed on the beach till the sun went down… Sharing some untold stories and laughing about all the good times we’ve had.






Starting to get cold and dark, we decided to pack our things and leave the beach. Which then lead to a greasy pub meal and a few more beers. (Mitch is turning me into a true aussie, never thought the day would come when I actually order myself a beer haha!)


First up was the most important meal of the day… A plateful of hot food, another of fresh fruit and glass full of squeezed orange juice! After breakfast we hired a quadricycle each and rode for hours. Releasing my inner child and having so much fun! On and off road, along the beach and through the bushes. Something we didn’t even know existed, ended up leaving us in stitches due to all the laughter.





After our legs could no longer work we decided to become couch potatoes and spend the rest of the day on one of the pods by the pool. Ordered ourselves some lunch and a couple of sneaky beverages then went for a dip, got some sun and read the morning paper.


An afternoon nap was much needed as we were feeling pretty tired after our big day.  We decided to go with the flow and not reserve a table for our lovely dinner as we weren’t sure on what time we would be ready/hungry etc. Finally finished getting ready and after a few to many selfies we were ready to leave!



Looking at the menus on display, we came across an Italian restaurant. Both very keen on eating here after we read that they had freshly home made gnocchi ahhh. Unfortantly the tables were all booked out and they couldn’t fit us in. Only a few doors down was a restaurant by the name of Mahsuri Thai, and luckily they weren’t as busy. Playing it safe we both ordered what we usually get when eating Thai and oh man we were so satisfied. Probably the yummiest Thai I had ever eaten. It was ten times better than the traditional food we had while in Koh Samui.

Finished dinner and headed back to our apartment. Watched the movie – Hot Pursuit and a herbal green tea did the goods as we snuggled in bed. Dreaming of the wonderful memories we created today as we both fell asleep.

SUNDAY 11/10/15 

Enjoying the last couple of hours at the resort as today was check out day. Packed our things, had breakfast and just one last swim at the beach by the resort before we were ready to say goodbye and make our way down south…


We spent the entire day exploring Cabarita Beach. If you haven’t been to this town then you’re missing out big time. To be honest it actually reminds me of a smaller but much better version of Byron Bay.

We found the best gem of a spot for us to relax by. We literally did cartwells when we’d found it, it was perfect. Had the entire beach to ourselves, giant rocks surrounding us, not a cloud in the sky and the sand couldn’t of been any softer. We swam, tanned, and swam again, Mitch turned me into a mermaid and we drank beers while watching a few surfers out at sea.








We walked up to the peak of Cabarita and sat by the edge of a cliff for a good hour. Speechless, we didn’t say a word. A couple of matte grey birds flew past, never saw anything like it. They flew up to one of the rocks and started mating haha, that was pretty entertaining. Only taking a few photos as we just admired the waves roll in and out.




Being in the sun all day all I was craving was something hyrating and light… Currently on the hunt to find a big bowl of salad. Turns out mitch got the salad and I changed my mind as soon as I saw the vegan pasta. Still hungry and feeling naughty we ordered a carrot cake to share for the drive home.

It’s amazing how just one day and a few words can change your life forever and give you lifetime full of beautiful memories. I’ve been blessed with a love that’s so real and unconditional, different but wonderful and nothing else compares. I am the luckiest girl in the world to begin each day, for the rest of my days with you by my side. 

Much Love, K x


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