The Great Ocean Road

IMG_7654One of the worlds most amazing coastal drives and I got to explore it with my husband to be! From the get go, the Great Ocean Road has always been on the bucket list…

Here’s my story… IMG_7598We woke at sunrise to get breakfast before hiring our car and heading off on our long journey. Driving through the winding mountains, hugging the coastline while looking out the window to the endless amounts of meadows. Legit every corner left us stunned with the pure magic of nature.

Our first stop was the famous Bells Beach.IMG_7547



IMG_2253We stood in awe of the humongous swell and the overwhelming amount of surfers in the freezing 10 degree water temp.

Back on the road, and we couldn’t help but pull over and admire the hidden lookouts and beaches…IMG_2274





IMG_7637We were feeling so lucky to score such a perfect blue bird day on our adventure, even the locals at Aireys Inlet could feel our vibe of excitement!

We parked the car at the bottom of a hill and begin to walk towards the iconic lighthouse. Taking so many photos, it just did not do this place justice. Coming down we stopped at Willows Tea House for some of their famous scones and traditional chai tea lattes.

There’s just something about this town that we absolutely loved and adored, maybe it was the peaceful sound of the waves breaking up agents the reef or maybe it was breathing in the crisp air while over looking the horizon…. IMG_7561




IMG_7558After an hour of non stop driving we almost arrive at Apollo Bay.

Starting to feel a little car sick, I begged Mitchell to pull over for some fresh air. We stopped in at a petrol station to grab a bottle of water and a few snacks for the next fifteen minutes of driving.

We had finally arrived to Apollo Bay and my gosh it reminded me of my home town (Christchurch, New Zealand). The crystal clear bay was filled with sail boats surrounded by the landscapes of beautiful green mountains.

We sat down at the end of the peer watching the local fisherman. The waves were crashing right in front of us, honestly don’t know how we didn’t get soaked. IMG_2298

IMG_2300_2The end of the Great Ocean Road is near, and this consisted of driving through a magical rain forest. The un maintained road was covered in green moss and had endless amounts of pot holes.

Not going to lie as dangerous as this was, the pedal was flat to the floor as we did not want to miss the sunset over the 12 Apostles!

Last stop PRINCE TOWN!IMG_2309








11755104_708925912570158_3011131241608007750_nNo words nor a photo will ever be able to give this place justice. The collection of limestone stacks formed by erosion is unbelievable. There is SO much beauty in our back yard and still so much left undiscovered. Without a doubt; everywhere we looked we were lost for a minute while taking it all in.

The Great Ocean Road really is the definition of picture perfect.IMG_2306_2 The last little bit of sun peeking through the clouds for a few seconds before disappearing, and then we were left with a long drive back home.

Much Love, K x

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